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Geneva, 31st March, Societe Nautique de Geneve

Anouch Sedef

Meyer Avocats
Email: Sedef@Meyer-avocats.ch

Anouch is a partner at Meyer Avocats, a law firm based in Geneva specialising in business aviation and superyachts. Anouch is an english qualified solicitor. She specialises in the Superyachts industry where she advises yacht owners on construction, sales, acquisitions, financing, ownership structures and operating superyachts. Anouch assists in the negotiation, drafting and execution of procurement contracts, sales and financing, construction, management and crews.

Anouch has advised on very large and award winning Superyacht construction project and handles all Superyacht matters including new build, sale and purchase, crew matters, registration, matters relating to the operations of the Superyacht, disputes and resolution.
Anouch writes for Superyacht publications and regularly comments on the increasing regulatory issues taking place in the industry. Anouch is a keen commercial litigator with substantial experience in dispute resolution and commercial contracts.